Abstract Art

by Margaret Kriegbaum
So…what do you think about all the abstract paintings in the GVA Gallery?! What a surprise, considering GVA was founded as a haven for representational artists during the “post modern” or “contemporary” movements in the ’60s.

February Program

Our presenter for this month will be Charles LaRue. He is a painter and has had a show at the TerryBerry Gallery last month and has a number of other shows lined up for the coming months. He will be showing a PowerPoint demonstration that has to do with the nexus between art, artists, and visual perception.

GVA Gallery February Show

A show of abstract and non-objective works by GVA members will take place February 1st until February 29th. These are works abstracted from reality or completely non-objective creations. The primary goal here is to show works that simply are not realistic. Be sure to see this show!

Show at ICCF

At ICCF in March the featured artist will be Charles LaRue.  Charles was the speaker for our Program in February.  His work is colorful and impressionistic.

Giving Back to Bliss & Vinegar

GVA is extremely fortunate to have the support of the owners of Bliss & Vinegar, a wonderful restaurant in Cascade (888 Forest Hills Avenue). As some of you know, back in early 2015 we were contacted by B&V. They were hoping we could display the work of some of our artists in their soon to open restaurant. They had been told to check out our website by a friend of theirs. They did and commented on various artists’ work that they felt complemented their ‘fresh’ food offerings and lively decor.

Arts in Ada

The Ada Arts Council is pleased to announce that, with the completion of Phase 1 of the downtown redevelopment project, the Arts in Ada street festival will be held on May 14, 2016. Please visit their website at adaarts.org for more information.

Franciscan Life Process Center

March 19, 2016 – Cindy Bowles - “Zentangle Workshop”—Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. If you can write the letters of the alphabet, YOU CAN tangle! There are NO expectations, NO mistakes and NO pressure to draw something realistic.This Zentangle workshop will be an extended Basics Class which will introduce the foundational material for all other Zentangle techniques.

Michael Carrier's New Book!

Regarding my new book ("Ghosts of Cherry Street, And the Cumberbatch Oubliette"): I want to thank the very talented members of Grand Valley Artists for all the help given in designing what many have called my best cover yet. It was my pleasure to acknowledge the organization in the book. For those who would like to buy it, the Kindle version will be available for .99 on Tuesday, February 16th (for one day only). Normally the price is $9.99. You do not need a special Kindle device to read the book. Amazon has free Kindle applications for both PCs and MACs.


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