Channel Your Own Inner Sargent!

Have you started your tribute to John Singer Sargent yet? The Challenge: There are three options.  

Option 1)Copy of a JSS work

Option 2)Come up with your own version of a JSS work, in your own style but with one of his paintings as the inspiration


Option 3)Choose your own subject matter but attempt to paint it in the STYLE of JSS.

Your piece can be in any medium.

We will show our finished work in the GVA gallery in a few months. Won't that be FUN!

Important Info About Renewing Online

If you wish to renew using Paypal from the link on the left, you will first need to LOG OUT of the GVA website and only then can you renew. Otherwise, you will get a message saying you already filled out the form. If you have any challenges, please feel free to contact Mary Marin at If you prefer to simply fill out the form manually and send a check, you can mail both to GVA c/o Mary Baine, 1695 Service Rd. NE Suite 106, GR, 49503.

Show Your Work at Trinity United Methodist Church

GVA has been offered a great opportunity. We now fill their beautiful community room/parlor with our art. If you choose, you can sell your work, or you can note that it is "NFS" (not for sale). The church will keep a mere 15% of all sales. Currently showing their work are John Jakobson, Jan Arbogast, Gene Sampson, and Wayne Pierce. To participate, contact Mary Marin at to get on the calendar. We switch out the art every month.


Art that has the human figure as the main subject. Figures can be nude or clothed. They can be presented against a neutral background or figures can be engaged in a narrative of some sort. I loved our last figurative exhibit. And I'm thinking that this time it might be fun to push our interpretations a bit closer to the edge. Give yourself permission to experiment. All 2D and 3D art is eligible, including drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, digital works, mixed media, etc. This exhibit is not juried and the works do not have to be framed, only hangable.


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