Reeds Lake Success

The 51st Reeds Lake Art Festival is now a happy memory, thanks to the amazing organizers and the many members who provided traffic control and directions to the vendors in the wee hours, schlepped equipment and tents from our storeroom, set up and “manned” the GVA booth, provided relief to vendors, and tore everything down, cleaned up, and hauled everything back to GVA when all was done.

July and August in the Gallery

GVA GALLERY / Reminder: The subject for our July Exhibit is Portraits. These portraits can be the classic head and shoulder images, or they can be non traditional images that convey something essential about the person depicted. The entrees don't have to be recent works done in our GVA studios. They can be portraits by our present day GVA artists created at an earlier time.

Sunset Sail!

There are still some tickets available for the sunset cruise aboard Wind Dancer on August 14. If you want to attend, please let Carol Laurn know as soon as possible to reserve your place.

Samantha Luotonen at Bliss & Vinegar (click "Read More" to see photo)

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since Bliss & Vinegar had their grand opening. Since day one GVA artists’ work has been on display. I’m not aware of any sales that have resulted, BUT thousands of people have been exposed to our work and many are now aware of GVA for the first time. Every little bit of recognition helps GVA continue to thrive. The owners of Bliss & Vinegar also own Marco New American Bistro, which no doubt translates to even more folks learning of GVA.


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