Error on Newsletter

There have been a few errors in the newsletter lately regarding Critique being listed as program night. This was my mistake, as I send the calendar list to Mary Jo, who does an excellent job at putting together our Newsletter. I would like to apologize for anyone who was mislead by this error. Please note, the first Thursday of every month is always Critique night. Program night is always the second Thursday of every month.

April 3rd will be Critique night, not Program night. 

You may reference the website calendar which is correct if you ever have doubts or questions. 

The Printmaker's Wood has a Soul

During our November program Dennis O'Mara told his GVA audience the printmaker believes his "wood has soul" because the age and grain of the wood leaves its mark on the print. This statement was a great introduction to his printmaking presentation. His starting point in the history of printmaking was the Japanese artist.

Neither Rain nor snow nor sleet

We certainly have some hardy frontier stock within our GVA Membership. Despite the horrible weather, we had about 50 members attend our 2013 Christmas party on December 12. Despite the understandably limited attendance we did share a pleasant evening. And it was very pleasant. We had time to relax, talk, and share news with our friends.

Reed's Lake Art Festival 2014

Applications for Reed's Lake Art Festival 2014 are now available online with paypal!

Due to construction, please note only Wealthy Street will be available this year (extended space on Wealthy Street to compensate). So requests for specific spots will not be available this year. 

We prefer you submit your application online but access to the .pdf application to print is also here, or on the Reed's Lake tab. 

December Newsletter delay

Hello everyone! 

Grand Valley Artists would like to apologize for the lack of December's newsletter. Mary Jo Hays is our member who volunteers for the newsletter, and she has recently undergone surgery, which has been quite an ordeal! She is recovering, and would like everyone to know the January newsletter should be here by next week!

We all love the work you do on the newsletter Mary Jo! We hope you feel better soon! 



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