GVA Gallery in April

Inspired by the recent movie At Eternity's Gate with Willem Dafoe as Vincent Van Gogh, we are celebrating Van Gogh's work by filling our April gallery with facsimiles of his great impressionistic work. (And thank you Diane Bartnick for the suggestion.) I'm giving all our GVA artists an advanced notice on this one because most of us do not have a Van Gogh inspired piece in our inventory and therefore this will become an assignment. But at least now, it will not be an assignment with a tight deadline. There are three ways you can participate in The Challenge.

1. Create a painting slavishly copied from a Van Gogh painting.

2. Using a Van Gogh painting as reference, create your own version of his composition painted in your own style.

3. Create your own original composition painted in the style of Van Gogh.

This exhibit is not juried and the works do not have to be framed, only hangable with a wire in back. And please remember to sign your work.

Hang: April 1 / Monday
Strike: April 29 / Monday