Debra VanDeusen
As a kid I moved a lot. Every two years. And then every two years until I was in my forties. I think even as an adult I needed to be the new kid in order to get a new and interesting angle. I developed an odd perspective-both diverse and biased based on the politics and humor of the times and my roving environment. I received my BFA from Grand Valley State University and instead of going directly into the field as an elementary art teacher I attended Louisiana State University and pursued my MFA. I have taught at Hope College, Grand Valley State University, and conducted many children's classes and a variety of adult classes outside the college setting. ​ I have not moved in several years, but my children have. They, and their children, offer the new perspective I long for. ​ I continue to make art because I want to. Because I can. Because we need a different look on things.
Debra VanDeusen's Artwork