Joe Goeldel
Joe Goeldel is a multi-functional graphic designer/developer/artist. He started drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil, crayon, or anything else that could make a sleek, vivid line on paper, cardboard, or semi-gloss wall paint. Although the murals were lost and forgiven long ago, his parents retain several early works on paper, including some rare examples from the Dinosaur Period. He received a BFA in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University, where he also studied photography, drawing, lithography, astronomy, archeology, logic, and anything else that seemed unlikely to be of any use whatsoever. He has worked for several creative agencies in Grand Rapids, all of which are now defunct. While he was never directly negligent in any of these business fatalities, detectives became suspicious when they recognized him as “the one who was always standing there offering to help draw the chalk outline.” According to one story of questionable veracity, (and several are in circulation) he once considered running for Congress in an effort to bring that institution to an end, but was unable to obtain a single petition signature from a registered voter. He currently resides in the Heritage Hill district of Grand Rapids, where he can often be seen chasing squirrels with a knife and fork.
Joe Goeldel's Artwork