Paul Knowles
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My early life was about sports and girls. School for me was a train wreck. I was threatened with military school more times than I care to remember. After graduating high school, my after-school job with my father at his tool and die business became full time. I felt free at first because there was no school, but after the sense of freedom wore off, life was pretty unfulfilling. Life stayed that way until my father died and the business was closed. I realized then that everyone saw my life by my father’s achievements, including me. But every ending is a new beginning, and so this next chapter in my life became about finding out who I was. I knew I was creative and I loved music, so I took music lessons at a community college. I secretly wanted to try painting, but I didn’t mention it to anyone. I stopped taking music lessons when I realized I had no rhythm and started taking media and communication classes instead. I stunk at design and communication classes and excelled at drawing and photography classes. My wife, who watched me struggle with school and suspected that I was dyslexic, sent me to see a neuropsychologist who confirmed her suspicion. I told my wife that the college had painting classes, but I thought my future was in the media program, so I stuck with it. After my family and I moved to west Michigan, I eventually took an acrylic painting class. I quit after realizing that I just had to play in the paint. I devoured library books on perspective, painting, and techniques and taught myself. I learned that mixing the paint is where the magic is. And for me, nature is the inspiration.
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