Paul Knowles
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I’m a west Michigan based artist who is inspired to capture all the wonder of nature. I want others to experience the calming gift of peace that nature gives. Self-taught, I discovered painting later in life. I borrowed every book on color, perspective, composition, and types of painting that the library had. I worked in pastels, color pencil, markers, water color, and digital before settling into acrylic painting. I am drawn to acrylic paints and enjoy the impressionist approach. It gives me the freedom to play in the paint and to capture the peaceful feeling of nature that I wish to share with others. Being dyslexic and introverted, I have a hard time communicating with people. My words stay buried in my mind, especially when I’m overwhelmed and anxious. My hope is that people who own my painting love them, treasure them, and use them to find comfort and peace when they feel overwhelmed by life.
Paul Knowles's Artwork