Erin Reinholtz
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“I paint to celebrate life, and my art serves to inspire others to discover meaning in all that they do, to break away from the superficial and feel appreciation of life on the deepest level. Painting reminds me that we have exactly enough time when we are intentional with it. This comes when we are not constantly distracted— we connect with our true selves, with others, and with nature. It is such a gift to be alive and surrounded by all of the beauty here! Creativity is my anecdote to the rat race, and it is an honor to share my work with you.” -Erin Reinholtz The Erin Reinholtz Studio is located just outside of Grand Rapids in a blue barn on13 acres, adjacent to the home Erin and her husband share with their four children and hobby farm critters. Erin finds inspiration from rural landscapes, her travels, and Michigan's lakes and woods. Erin has been creating two-dimensional art for over twenty years, working in oils, watercolor, pastel, and photography but currently focusing on acrylic. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from Northern Illinois University and a Master in Counseling Art Therapy from Adler University in Chicago. Follow Erin on Facebook at and on Instagram @erinreinholtzart. Shop originals and prints on her website:
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