Alix Bartnick
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“My Bio” I have been an artist my whole life. I started out drawing, creating, and photographing horses, including my own, as a child. In sixth grade, I felt happy designing a wire sculpture of a horse that was shown in the Grand Rapids Art Museum Also, my pencil drawing of a horse head was printed in a national horse magazine, whereby, I received over 300 pen pals from all over the world. As an adult, I studied at the Slade University in London, England and traveled to Paris and all of Scotland to study art for a summer. I have also studied art at Aquinas College and Grand Valley State University where I received a BA degree in fine art. For over ten years my membership in the Grand Valley Artists Club of Grand Rapids (including their photography club) has inspired me to grow and to sell my artwork. For the past several years I have enjoyed taking photographs, especially nature scenes in Ottawa County. I have been selling my photography in The Grand Rapids Art Museum, LaFontsee Gallery, Gallery 154 in Eastown, in Grand Rapids East Hills, Grand Haven, Chicago, Traverse City, Charlevoix, and on Fine Art Two years ago, in Allendale’s Sixth Artprize (Colors of Community) a framed nature photo of mine made it into the top three award winners. As a result, I received money, a ribbon, and a certificate. My artwork has always made it into the top ten award categories. My goal is to continue to be a versatile and prolific artist. Through my artwork and my teaching of art, I hope to enrich people’s every day lives. I strive to touch and inspire the creative aspect of all humanity. Alix Bartnick
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